Friday, October 25, 2013

How To Win The Lottery Become A Millionaire

How to win the lottery and become a millionaire is no small feat, but one sure fire way is to win the lottery. In this guide to become a millionaire you need to apply real lottery winning strategy, or just accept you will never be rich.  Many people try to invent things or ideas to make their millions, but this takes time, usually large amount of money and some serious luck.  Instead of inventing the next great time saving electronic gizmo or grooming accessory, try using a lottery system and make your dreams of becoming a millionaire a possibly reality for a lot less money and stress. 
You may already play the lottery and are wondering why you haven’t been the lucky one to win it big. Did you ever consider the strategy you use sucks! Winning a state lottery game is not an easy thing to do and quick picks rarely win large jackpots. The odds to win big lottery jackpots just aren’t in your favor, so why not play ‘smart’ and use a good strategy instead of sheer luck alone, it just makes sense.  

They say you have a better chance of being hit by lightning twice in the same day than winning a lottery jackpot, however, if you walked around on a golf course with a lightning rod strapped to your person in a thunderstorm, you will have just increased your odds considerably in achieving that goal of being struck.  Considering it wouldn’t be smart thing do, I won’t advise you to do that, but I will advise you to use the same sort of thinking procedure and draw the lottery winnings closer to you by using the right tools and the right thought process. You too can win that evasive big lottery jackpot of the next Powerball, Mega Millions, EuroMillions, Lotto 6/49 and so on.

Here is your proverbial lottery drawing “lightning rod” to draw the lottery winning numbers closer to you!

You’ll only need one item to make this happen, a real winning lottery system. Lottery systems are divining rods of the jackpot world, they are proven techniques, charts or lottery software that expand your capacity to choose more accurate lottery winning numbers and win more frequently. The system that has the highest lotto game winning track record across the board that is the easiest system to use, is Smart Play Lotto Wheels. Smart Play is an assembly of lottery wheels that uses your own selected numbers and overlaps them into different lines of numbers. These wheels have been devised using lottery winning patterns that have surfaced time and time again and combinations mathematically sequenced all combined into one easy and affordable system. This system doesn’t take a lot of work, the lottery wheels do all the work for you and you don’t have to be a mathematical genius to understand how to use it.  Smart Play Lotto Wheels will guide you to increased winning, possibly even the jackpot, so the proverbial lightning bolt as it were. 

 As you are waiting for that lightning bolt to hit, along the way your chances of winning the smaller and medium amounts increase substantially. Isn’t it nice to be a consistent winner?  Your local retailer will begin to ask you “What’s your lottery winning secret?” as you cash in all the time. The thing Smart Play Lotto Wheels does better than any other system is not only does it increase your odds to win the jackpot, but significantly brings you success in the small and medium tier prizes frequently. As you’ll see, the winning numbers are throughout your ticket in different combinations, thereby winning different amounts and more times. Smart also guides you to apply special win rate boosting strategy which is why it also increases you odds to win every lottery draw. Take a look at the poll results for the best winning lottery systems below.

 As you can see the two top winning lottery system were Lotto Guy Lottery System and Smart Play Lotto Wheels. Yes, you could actually use both of these system, but most people will only use or want one lottery system, so we recommend Smart Play, as it is just so easy to use and is still very effective at giving winning results.

As with thunderstorms, the lottery is on every continent of the world and no matter if you have an umbrella or not, the storm or that night’s lottery draw will happen, with or without you! So go dance in the rain and get your barrel ready for all the winnings that you could possibly achieve. Being struck by lightning is possible and so is your chance of winning the lottery using one of the best lightning rods of the lottery winnings….. Smart Play Lotto Wheels!

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